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P345 sights

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How do i remove the rear and front sights so I can put a new set on it?
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The front sights are "pinned" in place. You have to use a 3/16" punch or jewlers screwdrive to drift the pins out... Then when you put the new front sight in, it must be drilled, very carefuly, in place to insert the new pin holes...

The rear sight has to be drifted... and was stated in prior posts, has small parts that live below the sight in the slide. As the sight is removed, these small parts can / may launch or get lost...

Needless to say, the operation you are asking about should not be attempted by novice shooters, and should be completed or performed by a competent gun smith... But hey! It's your gun, and you may have the tools and skills required... I know, I do...:D
THANKS RNettles. I will contact my gunsmith to have them installed
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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