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What are your feeling's about the Ruger P345? I have heard many like's & dislike's. All I know for sure is that I wantone!
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I looked at the P90 Ruger today. I think I need both the P345 & the P90. I shot Poncaguy's P90 last week & it is a good firearm. He would have let me try his P345 but he couldn't remember where he put it! (old age setting in) I'm in Arkansas City,Ks. I work in Wichita. I have a very good gunsmith here & if you guy's need some good work for a resonable price I can give you his name & phone#. This sure is a good Ruger Forum! I enjoy it very much.
Can't you just remove the mag dis-connect? I think I'll get the P345. poncaguy say's they are better now than when they first came out. I respect the experience of a man who is as old as dirt!
I think that you are right,KP97DC. I only have the P89DC right now. I'll get the P345 before too long. I had A Super Blackhawk about 20 or 25 years ago & I want to get another one of those. I'll probably buy a P90 someday but I ain't made of money, darn it!
I think they were refering to my Dad! Only he dosen't spend my inheritance on gun's, he spend's it on antique farm tractor's! It keep's him busy & out of my hair, though.
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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