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What are your feeling's about the Ruger P345? I have heard many like's & dislike's. All I know for sure is that I wantone!
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As you well know Kansas45, I'll let you shoot mine if ur nice!Mine has been perfect, put a Wolff 20# spring in it to help DA pull.
kansas45 lives in Arkansas City KS....I lived there until 3 years ago and moved 30 miles south to Ponca City, ok......... he's my friend sometimes..hahahaha
I having kansas45's gunsmith do the trigger on my new 4" fixed sight GP100. He just did the triggers on 2 of my Handi rifles, 270,and 44 Mag.much bettter!!!
I shot some of kansas45 lead reloads in my P345, very, very accurate and functioned perfectly.............thank ya sammy
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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