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P89 vs p95

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Given that both pistols are high cap. mags, which one of these guns shoot better? Better meaning:accuracy, balance and overall handling. If you had to chose between the P89 or the P95, which would you go with and why??
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This seems familiar, but I will post here too. I have owned both, but currently now only the P89. My P95 was a good gun (with the exception of sometimes it would not hold the slide open after the last round fired). I just did not like the plastic frame. It would slide around in your hand when shooting. I put a Hand All grip sleeve on it, which helped alot but looked ugly (to me). So, I just kept the utterly reliable P89. Have shot thousands of rounds through it with zero problems. (I put Hougues on it too)
The P95 that I had had a smooth plastic frame, not stippled like RNettles. It might have made a difference in my decision.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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