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I have a KP345PR and a KP97D. I can't really decide which I like the most. At my last range outing, I fired one mag from the 345 and the next through the 97. Tough choice - I may lean a bit toward the 97 just because it doesn't have all the new pc safety features. They both shoot to the same point of aim. The P97 may be slightly more accurate, or it may be that it shoots a little better because the S/A trigger pull is smoother and lighter. Have to say that my 345 has been flawless to date though.

I'm becoming a P-Series junkie I think. I also have a KP95D and a P944D. I've bid on an old beat up P93 on one of the auctions, but won't know until tomorrow if I've won it or not. I've been thinking about buying a KP90D and when I was at the range Wednesday night I ordered one. It should arrive in time for me to test it on next Wednesday night's outing at the range. I'm not sure why anyone needs three .45's, but they're just too much fun to shoot.

I had a P90 once, but that one had a terrible S/A trigger and I just couldn't get attached to it. Is anyone else dumb enough to have all three and if so, which one is your favorite? Even if you just have a P90, what do you think about it?
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I don't have a P90D yet-next on my list-but I've had two P97-loved them---from the input I've gathered-the P90 is the workhorse-the P97 somewhat more social and genteel----and I'm sorry but the word on the street is that the P345 is a sissy. Too many problems...I'm for sending it back to the drawing board, LISTENING to those who have bought them and fired them (maybe by a survey), and making improvements to satisfy the problems raised. Then it might gain the reputation the P90 and P97 have...think they just pulled it out of the oven too soon. R/S........
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