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I finally got to take my scruffy little P93 to the range last night. No torture test - I only shot 100 rounds of WWB through it. This one is just another reason why I like Rugers. It functioned perfectly, as expected. It's really accurate, but shoots to right about an inch at 10 yards. I noticed that the rear sight was noticeably right of center. A little drift with the brass punch will fix that before its next time out. This one has a super smooth action. When you pull the slide back, it's like everything is on ball bearings. It also has the best single action trigger of any of my P-Series. I bought a KP93D a couple of days ago and thought I would sell this one. It's kind of an ugly little mutt, but I think I might keep it around. This is probably the only one I have that I didn't pay too much for!
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