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P95 decocker

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I was looking at the manual online and saw it says that the decocker has an internal firing pin block and the gun can't be fired unless the trigger is pulled. Is this internal firing pin block so if you drop the gun it won't have an AD?
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All Rugers, and for that matter all currently manufactured pistols that I am aware of, have a firing pin block. If you remove the slide you can see how it works by depressing the firing pin block and the pushing in on the firing pin. Then let go of the block and you can't push the firing pin all the way because it is now blocked. As for the decocker, same thing, just observe how it is reacting when you depress the lever.

What this means is simple, the gun won't discharge if dropped or decocked, the trigger must be pulled.
Thanks! You explained it very easy to understand.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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