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Hi, just added a ncstar tac light to my P95 and looking for an high ride outside the belt holster for it. Prefer leather. Also looking for a thigh tac rig for it.

New gun still breaking it in. Only two problems so far. 1st was 1 day shooting at the end of my 14th mag. Slide failed to lock open. Broke gun down and cleaned. Gun was filthy. Gun shop gave me a 50 round box of Independence 115gr. Dirty ammo. Rest of the ammo was Winchester. Shot another 140 rounds that day with no problems. Second problem was yesterday day after 114 rounds I had a failure to eject and jam malfunction. Only used the Winchester rounds. Cleared jam easily and broke gun down. Gun was fairy clean but cleaned and shot another 136 round no problems.

Any one else have same?

Gun shoot great. But agree with others, first trigger is heavy but still scoring 287 out of possible 310 @ 15 yards last target of the day overall 93% so far with the gun. Can't complain with that
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