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No I would still have the .357 Blackhawk, LCR and a Benelli Nova

Personally, I'd sell the Benelli, but that's just me. ;)

Seen a used P-95, blue sitting in a gun shop $299 cash/329 trade w/ 2 mags.

"And I want to get ahold of a RIA 1911 and play around with it eant to mod it and just get into 1911's. My dream 1911 is a Para in .40 caliver byt just dont have the funds for it, married kids mortgage u guys know the drill."

Seen one of those Citadel (essentially same as RIA Armcor products) .45s in gun shop $480 new.

A Para in .40? Last one I held (double-stack model) felt like a brick in my hands.

Had a P95 once, probably shouldn't have sold it, needed the $$. Might see if I can compare the grip of the P-95 (299.99 cash used / 389.99 new SS) & P-345 (389.99 used) & SR9 ($489.99 new) to my medium sized grip soon, if gun shop still has all three.

To me, getting the P-345 would be logical, having a KP-97, use same magazines. P-95 or SR9 require buying extra/different mags.

sorry to ramble, thought I'd throw some #s out there for ya.
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