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P97 Question

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Hi all, I have a safety question about my P97DC. I notice after I decock the hammer and the decocking lever springs up, It looks like the hammer is resting directly on the firing pin. I usually like to keep a round loaded in the chamber. I was wondering is this safe to do? Whats to prevent the gun from discharging if dropped? I know the short answer is don't drop the gun, but we all know stuff happens. Is this a valid concern?
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All the Ruger P-Series pistols have a firing pin block. This interrupts the firing pins forward travel. During firing it is "removed" as the trigger reaches a point in its rearward travel, allowing the firing pin to interact with the cartridge primer. This type of "safety" prevents accidental discharge by hitting the hammer.

I hope this helps you out...
The hardest thing for me to get used to,when I got my 97DC was the decocking. It was hard to get used to the hammer falling without it going bang. To assure myself that it wouldn't fire when decocked, I pulled the hammer back until it almost caught and then let it fall. Unless the trigger is pulled, it won't fire. I think the firing pin block that RNettles mentioned was a great safety feature.
Thanks for the info. I feel much more confident about keeping it loaded now.

You should be able to hit the hammer with a ballpeen, and it should not fire.
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