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Patriot Guard!!!!!

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Wow-what a fine group of men-mostly Vietnam Vets-still giving to honor the fallen by escorts and pall-bearing and insulation between the idiot protestors and the grieving servicemens' families-gotta love 'em!!!!!! Feature story on Fox-sure didn't see it on the other networks---a few good men...
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Didn't see that on Fox but I'm glad somebody finally stepped in. Was the protesters that weird church group we saw on tv news some time back that was heckling the families of our fallen at their funerals?
Yep, or at least they started the protest anyways. I know several bikers from my area that are in the Patriot Guard.
I know this is America and they have the right to protest the war-and preach what they believe-but I was taught that my rights end where the other fella's nose begins-if they showed up at one of my boys' funeral, and yelled some of what they spew-I'd miss the rest of the funeral filling out police reports---they are not American and NOT representing the Christ I know, who was tender and compassionate in peoples' trouble and grief--they are as much nuts as Jim Jones' bunch...I'm glad some men will stand up to them...and I'm not surprised it's largely Nam vets-HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all our servicemen!!!
Ditto on Veteran's Day!

As for the "protesters?!"....twisted minds, twisted people...sadly, good "breedin'", reason and common decency are absent in more than a few these days, methinks.
Lotta folks don't think "we" have a problem till it poops in THEIR yard-people are unbelievably self-centered and selfish-then they scream bloody murder...the generations who built and preserved this country would tear the generations that're tearing it down and giving it away a new one...wht will our grandkids have? It's up to us to fan the flames and teach the faith.
True. Today, it's "what's in it for ME!". I even hear THAT from some people in LE. What a shame.

It would seem that that very powerful forces would deny our Judao-Christian teachings and heritage and the honorable tenets thereof. It's scary.

I work mostly in schools now and at least in my area teachers still seem to have the right fundamentals but there are mandates with which they must comply..yet, they try and manage to do some neat things.

I, when I get the opportunity, throw in things about honor, "what we do", etc..

Our young people are bright and perceptive...but besieged!

Yeah, we GOTTA do what we can, as often as we can...and keep th' faith!

I heard this guy call in on Shawn Hannity's radio show yesterday, sayin' as how maybe NOW we can be a part of "the world community with everybody else!"...hang on, dig in and git to work!
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