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Paul Harvey-anti hunting?

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One of America’s most well-known radio commentators earlier this week showed his anti-hunting colors in a nationally broadcast message.

On Nov. 13, syndicated broadcaster Paul Harvey’s noon report announced how ‘thankful’ Michigan doves are that voters rejected the state’s dove hunting initiative. He proudly rattled off a number of other ballot issue campaigns to which the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has contributed in recent years, including efforts to ban trapping and bear hunting. Harvey concluded by praising the organization’s new-found political prowess, saying HSUS “has never had such clout on the Hill.”

Obviously, Paul Harvey is entitled to his opinion. In fact, it’s his job. However, the advocacy of an agenda that seeks to destroy the lifestyle and livelihoods of millions of Americans will elicit responses.

“America’s sportsmen do not stand idle when the faction that is trying to eliminate hunting, fishing and trapping is handed credibility,” said Bud Pidgeon, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance president. “Paul Harvey’s support and recognition of the animal rights movement, and HSUS specifically, is a blow to the pro-hunting movement and deserves to be addressed.”

This is not the first time Harvey has used his radio segment as a soapbox for his animal rights viewpoint. He has praised People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals leader Ingrid Newkirk “for her dedication and commitment towards making planet earth a better place for animals.” He made these glowing comments about a woman who hopes hoof-and-mouth disease will come to America!

Take Action! Sportsmen are urged to express their dissatisfaction with Paul Harvey’s controversial radio segment. Let radio stations that air Paul Harvey’s program know that you object to his extremely controversial views on animal rights.

Also, contact Paul Harvey sponsors and let them know that you object to their support of a program that acts as a mouthpiece for the anti-hunting movement.
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There's no end to wacko's in this country that's for sure. Start in Washington and it goes right down the gene pool from there.
I knew the dove hunting ban would pass. They had great TV commercials; highly professional, well thought out, and capable of stirring the emotions of any non-hunter, plus they had a multi-million dollar budget to peruse their efforts.

I always used to like Paul Harvey.

I found this place to email him/them.
I use to like Paul Harvey his stait foward commentaries his style delivering the news and his closing statement "Good Day". Her just got off my like list. Phil
I just finished listening to Paul Harvey... He was telling of a new shotgun shell... The pellets are made of materials that disolve on impact and flavor the meet... Lemon Peper, Cajon, Mosquite and others...

Sounds like a "flip flop" to me... Whatever is popular at the time of the broadcast... Page 2.
I emailed him and expressed my dissatisfaction with his support of and free airtime to Humane Society of the United States, supported by wealthy whackos, when the hunters are working men and women who have to spend their extra cash on licenses, fees, and equipment.

I doubt if he’ll take notice, but it made me feel better.
That WAS Paul Harvey, good BYE!
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