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Here are some better pics of my collection (still not the best). Hope you enjoy

First of all, my only Ruger (So Far), a New Model Blackhawk .357 200th year of Liberty

Colt Diamondback .38 special

Colt Arizona Centennial .22 cal

Smith and Wesson Model 5906 9mm

Bersa Thunder .380 cal

Navy Arms .36 cal Black Powder

Browning .22 autoload Grade II FN Belgium

AYA SxS Model 106 12ga

William Parkhurst SxS 28ga

Winchester Antlered Game .30-.30

Winchester Chief Crazy Horse .30-.30

Winchester Model 92 WCF .25-.20

Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga

Winchester Model 64 Prewar .30-.30

Remington 870TB Trap Wingmaster 12ga

Western Field Model 30 20ga

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quote:Originally posted by Keith Smith

Very Nice!!! How do you like shooting that black powder pistol? I been thinking of picking up the Ruger BP.
You will not be disappointed. It is the finest BP revolver made, bar none. It is actually more fun to shoot (IMHO) than most modern guns. It is kind of like reloading ammo at the same time as shooting. The only part not quite so fun is cleaning it up, but even that is not as big a chore as some folks make it out to be. I have owned a couple of them, and two or three Remington clones. They actually have all been good guns, both Peita and Uberti repos. But the Ruger is by far the better gun. The Colt clones I have tried tend to not work as well.

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quote:Originally posted by jbleinweber

rman -
Garnett, South of Lawrence.
Well you're almost a neighbor. I'm Northeast of Topeka on the West side of Perry Lake. Do you have a range down there or do you have a place in the country to shoot? I do most of mine at the Kaw Valley Gun Club in Topeka.
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