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Hey Folks,


I'm working on a new holster pattern called the Lone Star. It's based on holster styles common around Austin, Texas, popular in the 1920s & 1930s, but made up into the 1960s. While I can make old west holsters in my sleep, I'm not that familiar with more modern revolvers. I have some specific questions that need accurate answers, to make patterns that work well for the gun owners who will use these holsters.

Some of my questions are specific to Rugers, others are relative to Rugers. I thought I would start in a Ruger forum to continue gathering information.

#1. Is the Ruger Wrangler frame the same size as the Bearcat?

#2. Do the old style Vaqueros have the same frame size as the Blackhawks and Super Blackhawks?

#3. Is the frame size of the Redhawk the same as the Colt Anaconda and the S&W N Frame (example, Model 29/Dirty Harry)?

#4. Is the old Ruger Security-Six series (turned GP100), the same frame size as the old Colt Trooper, and/or Colt King Cobra, and the S&W K Frame?

I realize these are complicated questions that often generate conflicting answers. So if you have weapons that can be compared for proof-possititve of your responses, that would be VERY helpful.

Thank You in advance,

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1. No, Wranglers are the same size as a 4 5/8" Single-Six.
2. Yes.
3. Close but not the same.
4. Again, close but not the same.
None of the above guns are pistols .... they are all revolvers.
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