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Playing Hookie

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I hate to admit it, but I played hookie Monday. It was supposed to be 77 degrees and knowing Kansas, that would probably be the last day like that until April. My place backs up to several hundred acres of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land on the West side of the lake. It's mostly hard woods and is pretty hilly. I stuck the P93 in a holster and headed out with no particular purpose or destination in mind. The woods is laced with hiking and mountain bike trails, so it's faily easy walking. Evidently the mountain bike craze has slowed a lot in this area because I never see anyone out there this year.

I had the whole place to my self. I guess I had forgotten how nice it is in the fall woods. I walked for a while, rested a while and saw a lot of wild, a couple of whitetail does, squirrels and a nice size covy of quail. I probably did more sitting than walking, but I did cover 2 miles or so. It is sure a peaceful place and a good one to sit back and reflect on the good things in life. On the way back to the house, I found a hedge (Osage Orange) tree and the hedge balls made fun targets. 115 Gr hollow points definitely make for one-shot kills! :D Probably doesn't sound like a very exciting day, but I sure enjoyed it.
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Guess we will forgive you for playing hookie! Sounds like a very enjoyable day.
I will tell you guys, I have always wanted to come out West, and as some of you know, that is where I am at this time. First, spent 3 months in Ketchum, ID, and now am in WY. We was up in the mountains in ID and had a great time. We are on the flat now. You guys have no idea how much this KY boy misses the woods!!!!! The trees and woods were different in ID, but at least there were trees! Here, other than in town in people yards, there just is no trees. There just aint no where a guy can go to be by himself and think! I love to roam around by myself in the woods. Oh well, should be going back to KY in Dec. May not ever roam again!!!
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