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My first revolver was a GP100, too, @Mr. Pepper Nose . I got the 6" model, though.

I got a 100-round value pack of that Remington 125gr SJHP about four years ago and keep it as a good SD ammo. I used to for hog hunting and took a 117lb sow with it. I put the shot behind the shoulder, the projectile clipped the spine, and I found it under the hide on the opposite side while skinning the carcass. The projectile expanded all the way and kept its jacket, too.
I think that it's a great round, and you will be very happy with it.

For my standard range ammo, I use 158gr FMJ stuff. If you get the loose-pack cans of it from LAX Ammo, you can get a good value, and they load their .357 Magnum pretty lightly compared to other manufacturers, so it's easy on you and the gun over time.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts