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What's your favorite powder and why[?] I use Winchester 231 for everything right now. I just bought some Win/ 296 for mag loads. I am going to try that out and see how I like it.:D
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I use Unique a lot. Have some IMR that I use on Rifles. The reason I use Unique is that it as very versatile and the new burns clean.
quote:Originally posted by Baldy

[orange] What's your favorite powder and why[?]
Favorite powder for what? For handguns I use a lot of Unique, Bullseye and 2400. For rifles I use IMR 4064, 4350, 4320, and Hodgdons 380, 414. I've probably got another 20 different kinds of powder I use once in a while.
Unique is my favorite handgun powder, IMR 4064 is my favorite rifle powder. Why? Because both powders are very versitile, and reasonably accurate with most any weight bullet. I use Unique for everything from .38 Special to .44 Magnum, and IMR 4064 for everything from .223 to 30/06. Both of these powders just plain work! I use Bullseye in my 9mm loads, and sometimes will use IMR 3031 for my .223.
I used to use Winchester powders for everything, but now have expanded to Hodgdon and Alliant.
231 and 296 for the same things you use them for Baldy.
i use alliant for all my pistol loads and imr for all my rifle loads.

as for why, i duno prolly because in the reloading manual i started with they were the most listed and had a good balance between pressure and fps.
I saw a chart that show's powder burn rate as far as fastest to slowest by name. Does any one know where I can find it again?
I haven't seen it on the internet, but it is in every reloading manual I have.
For rifle I use IMR4350.

For handguns I've used the AA powders (#2, #5, #7, #9) because when they first came out they were a good deal. Costing $3-$4 less per pound than the other powders on the market.

Now, however, they're about the same price. I haven't really settled on a specific powder for handguns, but I have used alot of HP38, Bullseye and Unique.
ruger packer, thats part of the reason why i use the powders i do to, they are a dollar or 2 cheaper than the others on the shelf, im starting to think its store prefrence maybe that causes this price difference maybe.

it always seems to be a different brand where ever i go that has the lower cost.
Unique hits the spot for me for my revolver plinking loads very versatile and inexpensive to use goes a long way. For hunting loads I like H110 really moves those large bullets down range
I used some fax in my .444 with 310 gr gc. It pretty much filled the case with the load the manual suggested. A week later it wouldn't chamber. Thecompressed powder had pushed the bullet out just far enough so it would hang up. The crimp looked good. I pulled the bullets, reduced the charge and it works ok now.
I didn't use fax, I used tac in my .444 rounds. Loaded 54 gr, had to cut it back to 48. I load my 45-70 with Unique.
For 32 H&R mag and 357 mag I use 3 powders:
I also use Blue dot [ vaquero ], for my rifles, tac unique and imr3031 depending on the bullet.
IMR 4895 for .308 rifle, IMR 4064 for 30o6, Win 748 for .223 rifle up to 69gr. bullets, Varget for the heavy stuff. Unique for the .45ACP (all loads jacket and cast)Unique also for the .44 Mag. and I will be starting out with Unique on the .45 colt because I have lots of it but I need another powder for the .45 Colt that takes up more case capacity with the 255/265 Keith type bullets.

As for the why, killer results with all of the above. If a .308 won't shoot with IMR 4895, it won't shoot. IMR 4064 shoots as well as 4350 with the 30o6 for me and its cheaper to use. The Win 748 with 52/53 gr. match bullets is 1/2 MOA stuff in the .223. I use it on reduced course service rifle competition. The Varget is MOA at 600yds with the 80 gr sierra bullets. Unique seems to be great in everything you can use it in but I think I may look for something else in the .45 colt.
My most used pistol powder is Winchester 231, I use it in all my handgun calibers. Next is Unique, then 2400.
For my rifles it's Winchester 748.
I have a smattering of other powders I use from time to time but those are favorites.

I saw a chart that show's powder burn rate as far as fastest to slowest by name. Does any one know where I can find it again
kansas45, here is one from Australia, but it's very good:
Here's another from

Hope that helps some.

W231 in my .45 ACP's; AA#5 in my .40 S&W; H-110 or W296 in .357, .41 and .44 Mag; Unique in .45 Colt; Blue Dot in .32 Mag; IMR 4064, H-414 in .243 Win.
Since I mainly reload shotshell and pistol, my powders are Unique, H110, 2400, Bullseye, Herco, HS7, Clays, 231, & 296. All have specific uses, and are listed in the order most commonly used. In fact, I have probably used / bought more H110 and Unigue than all other powders combined.
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