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Too bad Ruger has stopped making DAO (double action only) P-series pistols. One of those would have been the perfect solution to your problem. J&G Sales ( still has some of the P95DAOs ($299 used) listed on it's web page. When I bought one, they didn't charge me shipping. I don't know if that is their policy or just a fluke.

I want my defensive handguns either single-action only (cocked and locked) or double action only. Except at extremely close range, the double action/single action "gear shift" will most likely have you missing when you want to be hitting!

My P93DAO and P95DAO Rugers have no safety levers and no decocking levers, but do have exactly the same trigger pull every shot. Now if I can only find a P90DAO or P97DAO...

Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.
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