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Pre-151 Security-Six

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Back in the day a friend of mine purchased this 4" Security-Six new. He loaded his own ammo and like them HOT. After a disastrous first marriage, he found himself in financial hard time and was forced to sell it. I did not have the coins to buy it, I was also undergoing rough financial times, but my father did have the money ($100) and bought it. My dad never fired a single round though it. My buddy had tossed the original grips and made a set of "target" grips out of a 2 x 4, and they looked like it. My dad purchased a set of Hogue grips and tossed the 2 x 4 grips. It sat that way until I inherited it when my father passed. When I bought it I tried to install a set of factory grips from my Stainless Steel Security-Six (made in 1981). That's when I found out Ruger had changed the frame sometime around the 152-XXXXX serial number range. After a long and hard search I managed to find a set of factory grips. This Security-Six has been a great shooter (I was afraid my friend had shot it loose) and I still occasionally will use it as my CCW.


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I like it.

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Nice! I love Security Sixes (and Speed Sixes)
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Yup, those old Security Six revolvers are the :poop:!
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Sweet Ruger. Love the entire Six lineup. Still keep a lookout for any in Stainless. The factory wood grips are my choice and shoot the best for me.
Congratulations on such a great Ruger.
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