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Question for RNettles or..... ?

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Hey buddy. I have a question for you..
I plan of "polishing' my "Chamber Block" on my P89 and I thought of something.. is it possible to remove too much material when doing this and create "function" problem? I plan on "sanding" just enough to get the "mirror" finish that you acheived. It doesn't seem as though the "fit" (side to side) would be that big of a factor, as they already fit "loose" inside of the frame. Any thoughts? Any probs with yours after doing this?
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I used 3M 401Q IMPERIAL WETORDRY 1500 grit... The critiacal surface is the ramp on the bottom of the chamber block, where the guide rod assembly mates and locks with the chamber. When I polished mine, I did the top, both sides, all four bevels, the breech face and the locking lug... I lightly did the ramp and bottom surfaces... no functional problems as of yet!

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