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Hi, I'm new to the 1873 revolvers and just purchased two of them from Cimarron.

- A Pistolero and and 7 1/2 Biselely. Made by Pietta and Uberti, both 4 click hammers.

They are very similar with the Pisolero having a lighter hammer pull by quite a bit.

The question has to do with when you are unloading and loading. On the Bisely the cylinder seems tighter, when you rotate it you hear a click and then it more or less lines up with the ejector rod, there is some slop, meaning you can rotate the cylinder back and forth a little but it seems to end up in the proper alignment for loading and ejecting.

On the Pistolero when you free the cylinder to unload/load the clicks are weaker/looser and the cylinder does not seem to naturally self align with the ejector kind of loose when you have to sometimes rotate it back for forward to keep it aligned. Maybe this is normal because it has a lighter hammer spring.

Not sure how one would tighten this up or if it needs it. Just know the bisely seems a bit tighter and better self aligns. Again it does have a stronger hammer spring and maybe that is what keeps tension on the cylinder when you are loading it sort of keeping it from over rotating.

Not sure if I explained this well. Just wanted to know if this is normal or not.

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