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I gotta agree with Bradshaw about the trigger. The Ruger is the all round preference for me, and I thought that could never be... Gloves, cold etc. the Redhawk is quite good.
Regarding the "gritty" feel, there two things to help: 1.) Lots of dry-firing and a little range work seems to smooth a lot revolvers out well. 2.) Also, replacement hammer springs from Wolff (Wolff Gunsprings - Firearm Springs for Semi-Auto Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, & Shotguns) make a huge difference. I use the 13# spring which strikes hard enough and yet smoothed out the trigger stroke more than I expected. The same is true for the GP100 and the GP-like Super Redhawk...
A contact within Ruger admits the springs from the factory are a bit strong and gritty, but blames lawsuits/attorneys etc. for the issue. Company people usually replace the springs themselves.
*One note: I live in the extreme north where the 13# spring is the lightest I would want in the cold. Folks is TX or AZ get away with a light spring... BTW: the 14# spring is not much different from the 13# one.
Happy wheel gunning!
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