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I put a Flaig Ace steel trigger shoe on my Super Redhawk, but since I use it 100% as a range gun, and not even for hunting, I don't see a problem with it. I set up the springs in this gun with a very light 9# trigger latch spring and a 16# XTra Power Wolff mainspring , for a light SA pull and fast lock time. It's set up for single action shooting. The Ace trigger shoe has sharp serrations that feel like a cheese grater, but it works for what I need it for.

I used a Tyler trigger shoe on this .38 Service Six, I like the Tyler's much better, but again, I did this more for fun and to add a "vintage" touch to this mid 70's Six. I don't use it for any kind of defense. The #17 trigger shoes are made to fit like 20 different guns and are not a perfect fit on the Rugers, but they work. Unlike the shoes made for S&W's, which fit perfectly.

The Tyler will add a quick, cheap removable "target trigger" to your Redhawk but you honestly don't need it and I use them more as just "toys" for some of my Rugers and S&W's. They are designed for slow fire SA shooting.

The Ruger Redhawk, and all Rugers, already have what S&W fans would call a "semi-target hammer". I think it's a good all-purpose hammer that still allows quick and comfortable SA cocking, without a need for the huge, curved hammer spur that S&W's use for their "target hammer".

This S&W Model 28 has the semi-target hammer, and it's just fine for SA shooting.
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