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Brand new LC9-LM first time to the range. Cleaned before heading out but didn't really need much. Put some NG7 Moly powder on the bits that slide, no grease or oils..(loved this stuff on my 22 pistols). Swabbed out the barrel with Rem oil and dried it good.

Ammo: Remington UMC 115g fmj. Shot 35 rounds without a hiccup. Field stripped all was A-OK. Swabbed out the barrel and shot another 40 rnds of UMC and 5 rnds of Hornady Critical Defense 115g... Not one FTE, FTF, light strikes, etc. Hit where I pointed it once I got the grip and sight picture nailed down.. no low left, high right, etc. The trigger does not bother me as I shot a DAO 2" wheel gun for many years. Had to figure out the reset but it was smooth and predictable. Most rounds were fired from 7 yds.

I tried the laser in the bright sun light at 3 yds, uh, nevermind. Hit OK, but will take lots of practice with it to get good... Think I will use it only if I need to scare off some bad guy in the dark..:)

Before shooting the LC9, I had fired 30 or so rounds through my STI Guardian in 45acp. Now it is a 1911 that weighs in at about 44 ounces and has a 3lb trigger pull with a very short reset.. had to leave it on the bench for the entire firing of the LC9 as not to continue to confuse myself... recoil in both weapons is about the same with the STI quicker back on target... but then again it cost about 3+ times as much so it should.

Basically I am very happy with my decision to purchase the LC9 :eek:.
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