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Range Night

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Went to the range last night - shot 50 rounds through the KP97D and 50 through the Taurus PT1911. No problems with either. Shot the Blazer Brass stuff and a box of Remingtons. Both fed and fired good. I had a couple of failures to fire the first time I shot the Taurus and expected more with the Blazers. Guess it just needed a little break-in. The Blazer stuff seems to be more accurate in both guns. Practiced double-taps with the 97. Hate to say it, but I seem to shoot better when I hurry than when I'm taking my time and trying to shoot perfect groups. What's up with that?
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When you shoot slowly and deliberately-you're trying to know the precise time the hammer will fall-when you shoot fast-you align sights and squeeze-not thinking about that...your body and brain co-operate better when you're not trying to override them-glad you had a good range night-the Taurus sounds interesting and bound to be cheaper than most 1911's-saw an ad 'bout them in Combat Handguns...
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