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Range Report, 05-20-2023

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The Wife and I made it to the range today, it was pretty crowded because it was closed for 2 weeks.

Sky Plant Tree Building Vehicle
Had to park pretty far and still climb a steep hill once we got there.

Wheel Plant Tire Sky Automotive tire
Was glad to have this little cart of mine that carried 10 guns and 13 boxes of ammo.

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I started shooting at 7 YDS.

Rectangle Wood Gas Tints and shades Flooring
My Wife started at 7 YDS but after the first round let me talk her into moving to 3 YDS.

Sky Plant Grass Rectangle Font
She started with her 38 SPL and shot until the powder fouling made it difficult to open the cylinder then went to her Shop Keeper.

Sky Art Billboard Gas Grass
After her Shop Keeper, I talked her into shooting my 32 H&R Magnum and she had fun realizing her fear of a big gun was unfounded.

All shot Standing.

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Tested Glock with a KKM Barrel with 230 GR lead bullets. 1 FTF in 50 rounds. My 45 ACP Flex Hone showed up today might just fix the issue.

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Changed barrels and ran 50 HDY HAP 230 GR rounds through the Glock, fun, fun.

Parallel Font Circle Slope Number
Vaquero Birds Head with 25 HDY XTP 180 GR 38 SPL rounds

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Vaquero Birds Head with 25 HDY XTP 180 GR .357 Magnum rounds
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Ya'll had some valuable fun-time punching holes in paper.
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