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Range Report 5-21-2023: Ruger 10/22

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Had a relatively calm evening so went to club rifle range with the 10/22. Took several boxes of different ammo to play with. Best two were Federal Gold Medal Target and CCI Mini-Mag. The 10/22 was mostly stock, with a Simmons 3x9 scope. The only modifications were an older Volquartsen trigger upgrade kit and magazine release.

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Shotgun

After a quick sight-in at 25 yards with the Federal GM Target, I set up targets back to 50 yards. Targets used were 1 1/2" diameter red dot stick-on's. First 5-shot group was slightly to the right:
Handwriting Font Wood Pattern Circle

Adjusted 6 clicks left and fired this 10-shot group with the same load:
Handwriting Font Wood Paper Circle

Switched to CCI Mini-Mags and fired a 10-shot group:
Handwriting Font Wood Circle Pattern

Fired several 10-shot groups with several different loads, and found the Federal GM Target and CCI Mini-Mag's were best. Set targets back to 25-yards to check point-of-impact with those two loads.

Federal GM Target at 25-yards:
Handwriting Wood Font Art Pattern

CCI Mini-Mag at 25-yards:
Handwriting Font Circle Pattern Wood

At 25-yards, the Federal Gold Medal Target gave the tightest group, and there was little change in the point-of-impact between the Federal Gold Medal Target load and the CCI Mini-Mag.

At 50-yards, out of 10-shots, the Federal GM had a good 7-shot cluster with 3 flyers that might have been me. The CCI's grouping was a little larger overall.

Both the Federal Gold Medal Target and the CCI Mini-Mag gave adequate accuracy for squirrel hunting out to 50-yards.
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.22 rifles are a therapeutic pleasure to work with. Nice rifle, nice shooting.
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