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Range Report... New Toys

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WOW!!! Was I surprised... The Blackhawk kicks like my P95DPR, hardly at all... with .357 Mag 125gr and .38 Special +P 125gr... Muzzle flip was about 1 to 2 inches, and recovery was almost instant. I am sooo pleased! With the 9mm cylinder recoil is just about even with the P95DPR. With the 6.5" barrel, I think that this gun is the perfect companion with the P95... as it soaks up the juice of the hotter rounds.

The rear sight is off a little bit, hitting left... but the adjustment screwdriver I took with me was a tad too big for horizontal adjustment screw, So I'll be forced to go back to the range this afternoon, ahh too bad...;)

My M77R MarkII is begining to group up nicely. Just a tad bit right, but about 1.25" groups @ 85 yards, if I do my part... When I started it was doing 2" groups and that was 35 rounds ago... I'll give the scope 1 click Left and take it back this afternoon...

Over all, I would recommend Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm and P95DPR as the perfect pair in semi-auto and single-action combo. And I strongly suggest the M77R Mark II .270 as a great deer rifle... Hunting report to follow next month...
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Sounds like you have another good shooter to go with your 95. Guess that is what I like most about Rugers. Most all of them are good guns.
You are hooked now!
Glad you had a good day at the range. Of corse I never heard of a bad day at the range if you are shooting Rugers. Good luck with them.
Sounds real good RNettles. That picture of the Black Hawk really stirred up the want in me and the good range report helps out too. Hope I get lucky on the lottery.
Glad you had a good day. You have some great combinations there. Only bad thing about Rugers just have to have more.
Well that may be so... but I looked at a Springfield Armory 1911-A1 today... sweet! [8D]
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