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WOW!!! Was I surprised... The Blackhawk kicks like my P95DPR, hardly at all... with .357 Mag 125gr and .38 Special +P 125gr... Muzzle flip was about 1 to 2 inches, and recovery was almost instant. I am sooo pleased! With the 9mm cylinder recoil is just about even with the P95DPR. With the 6.5" barrel, I think that this gun is the perfect companion with the P95... as it soaks up the juice of the hotter rounds.

The rear sight is off a little bit, hitting left... but the adjustment screwdriver I took with me was a tad too big for horizontal adjustment screw, So I'll be forced to go back to the range this afternoon, ahh too bad...;)

My M77R MarkII is begining to group up nicely. Just a tad bit right, but about 1.25" groups @ 85 yards, if I do my part... When I started it was doing 2" groups and that was 35 rounds ago... I'll give the scope 1 click Left and take it back this afternoon...

Over all, I would recommend Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm and P95DPR as the perfect pair in semi-auto and single-action combo. And I strongly suggest the M77R Mark II .270 as a great deer rifle... Hunting report to follow next month...
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