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I went to the range to try out some of my .45 ACP reloads in my Taurus 1911. I ran into this thing on the way. I took a photo of it with a S&W 442 for comparison. Overall, they are very similar in size except the PF 9 is much flatter.

Kel-Tec PF9
Calibers: 9mm Luger (9x19mm)
Weight unloaded (no magazine): 12.7 oz.
Loaded magazine: 2.8 oz.
Length: 5.85"
Height: 4.3"
Width: .88"
Barrel Length: 3.1"
Capacity: 7 + 1 rounds

This little gun shoots really well (at least at 7 yards). It's very, very flat - only .88" thick. It is double-action only and has a nice light, very smooth trigger pull. The sights are dead on at that range and are quite nice for a pocket pistol. They're the 3 dot syle with enough daylight around the front sight to make it easy to get on target, even with my old eyes.

It's a pretty good handful to shoot. It's not a range gun, but fed some good ammo it should be a nice little CCW. Recoil is sharp, but manageable, even shooting fast 5 shot strings. I found out on the first magazine that it is sensitive to limp wristing. I had 3 failures to feed in the first magazine. After that I made sure I had a good firm grip and it fired the next 45 rounds without a hitch. I was using WWB from Wally World. Here's some photos of the targets:

First 5 rounds at 7 yards:

25 rounds at 7 yards:

20 rounds at 7 yards:

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