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Range Report P89 with Burris Fast Fire 3 ... 01.24.23

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Well, to say the least, this was by far the most expensive range visit I have ever encountered. Total time at the range give or take 25 minutes and a total round count of 7 ... yes folks 7! Cost for firing 7 rounds in 25 minutes an even $15.

Here's the problem. Took the P89 with my new Burris FF3 on it. So far so good. Put target out at my normal 21' and fired off 4 rounds no issues. On round #5 the battery retention cap came flying back and smacked me in the face. My initial thought was the force of the slide coming back ejected the whole top part of the sight off, but alas only the battery retention cap came flying back, including battery. So i found said cap and battery and "screwed it back on" and fired off round #6. Same damn thing happened. Now I'm pissed, annoyed and aggravated beyond measure. Found said cap and battery AGAIN and "screwed it back on" and fired off round #7. Same @#$%^&&^%[email protected]# result. Found said cap and battery and home I went.

Got home and called Burris Customer Service and talked to a gentleman who kindly issued a RMA number. While talking with him, he indicated if I had tried any other manufacturers batteries? I said no and asked why, he replied "that they had a supply of batteries that were slightly out of spec and thus would not allow the cap to screw on and tighten up correctly". I said I would try that, but in the mean time he would go ahead and issue the return authorization.

Well, after going to THREE stores I finally found the correct battery. The first two stores were all out of them. Got home and tried the battery in the sight. The battery retention cap appears to screw down correctly and tightly. So now I need to get BACK to the range and see what happens. IF it solves the problem then it's all good. If the cap and battery go flying off AGAIN, then I will execute the return authorization.

Based on the first 7 shots, she seems to be up to the challenges of the Ruger P89. Not sure which holes correspond to which rounds but regardless the sight shows some promise.
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I generally always always do. Today was the exception to the rule. I wasn't sure how easy or hard it was going to be to zero in ... needless to say it was pretty spot on thanks to the bore sighting done over the weekend ...
I always take at least 2 firearms the range for the same reason. Too much spent on prep, trip, range, etc. to have it cut short by a malfunctioning gun.
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