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I was able to make it out to the range Saturday to try out my newly acquired SR9 with "D" mag release. I already had the SR9 with the "O" mag release.

SR9 "O": Its been reliable with very little to no FTF or FTE, but I've always had accuracy problems with the gun, I had the barrel peening problem as well (go figure). I was finally able to sight the gun in somewhat but wasn't able to get consistant tight groups. I realize this isn't a target gun but I would expect to get reasonably tight groups.

SR9 "D": What a difference! Ran flawless, I didn't have to adjust the sights at all, right out the gate, dead on consistant tight groups. Man am I pleased. What a difference in the trigger also. Nice smooth trigger, crisp break. The "O" has a gritty trigger pull and hard break even with the Ghost Ultimate trigger bar. I'm not even going to put the Ultimate in the "D".

Now I just need to sell the "O" and get most if not all my money back. :D
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