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I headed out yesterday afternoon for our 600yd shoot group. I got to the range a bit early so I scouted the shorter ranges to see if any work needed doing (mowing, fixing, etc) and I got to the 25yd range and it sparkled with gold!

I pulled up to the line and saw thousands of 22lr all over the place. I was about to pull out when I noticed some shiny nickel plated 223 laying about.

FC 09. Military stuff. All the nickel stuff had lacquered primers so I presume this is once fired. The police and sheriff freqent our range. But I didn't see anything on the schedule. Good for me :) The other brass rats didn't know they were there either!

Then I started looking about in the run and gun area. Hundreds of 223 of mixed brass and nickel stuff. I spent the next hour with a 30mm can, grocery bag and a brass magnet. I had to stop picking it up as I could hear the group over on the 600 starting to fire. I was late! Dilemma eh? Pick brass or shoot? I chose shoot! I left hundreds more cases on the ground.

Bucket of 223. Bunch of 9mm, 40, 45 and even a handfull of 38 specl.

It WAS a good day at the range! :cool:
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