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My range session yesterday was productive and enjoyable. I took one gun only, my 3” Ruger GP100 and split my time between two shooting sessions. The first was recreational shooting to simply enjoy myself plunking at various targets set at 15, 20 and 25 yards. I used 128 rounds of S&B .38 special 158gr LRM and 23 rounds of Remington UMC .38 special 130gr FMJ for this purpose.

During this “fun” time, I experimented with my trigger squeeze shooting SA, DA and staging the trigger. This is employing a trigger squeeze to that that definite click and stoppage immediately before the hammer falls. Then after the trigger’s stop, I squeezed the trigger shooting the revolver.

During this first session, I enjoyed peppering the targets and did not engage in any training exercises.

Later in the morning, I devoted my time to specific training functions to improve my mechanics. I shot 100 rounds of Remington UMC .38 special +P 125gr SJHP at a single 10 yard target.

I used a two hands standing isosceles stance throughout this session and took my time between shots. I concentrated on the four mechanical aspects of my shooting protocol:
Breath Control
Sight Alignment
Trigger Squeeze.

After shooting a six round cylinder, I took my time reloading, then addressed the target again and began again. I repeated this sequence until I ran out of the +P ammunition.

Everything meshed extremely well. I maintained a good controlled grip with no noticeable hand movement, my breathing was smooth, my sight alignment focused throughout the DA trigger squeeze. Most of the time, I was surprised when the revolver actually fired. When the last of my +P ammunition had been expended, I felt quite fatigued and quit for the day.

I am happy with my time today. It was both fun and productive.

This is my “serious” 10 yard target:

The 3” GP100 revolver is a sweet shooter. The Hogue Lamo Camo monogrip fits my hand quite well. The Hogue grip and the weight and balance of the revolver buffers the recoil of .38 special quite well. The recoil of the .38 special +P is only slightly stronger. Next time, I will try some .357 magnum ammunition in this revolver.

You know the old saying, “there are courses for horses” . . . Well, I think this particular gun was made for me. In the short time of my ownership, it has become the handgun I shoot best.

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Sounds like you had a great outing at the range ;) To me that's what it's all about, having fun shooting weather it be casual plinking or serious target work, having a productive and progressive session and above all doing it safely!

I'm going to the range this Saturday to work out with my new SR1911 that I haven't had a chance to shoot yet. Pretty excited about that...:D

Well done on your "serious" 10 yd'er, good job! I have a blued, 4" GP that I'm crazy about, of my sidearms it is my "Main Gun" it!

Again glad to hear you day at the range was a good one!
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