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I think every state that enacts a shall issue law goes through the same thing. They never bother to look around at the states that have already enacted similar laws and noted the exact opposite of their fears has happened. Violent crime goes down and there are no shootouts in the streets; their fears are irrational and unfounded and cannot be supported by facts.

The same thing happened in Michigan, but the organization primarily responsible for the law (Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners) organized such an overwhelming response to anyone that put up a sign that the signs soon came down. It was, and still is to some extent ( although the group split up) an internet based grass-roots movement that wielded some very respectable political muscle.

They would visit an establishment in mass and make a point of handing managers/owners a card that said something to the effect that they were law-abiding citizens that had passed background checks, etc, and that they would spend their money elsewhere. Some even put up unauthorized signs that read “Gun Free Criminal Enhancement Zone” right next to their No Firearms signs.

Some states are more difficult than others; Ohio is still struggling with this issue while Michigan and Indiana have pretty much made their point understood.

A large portion of the issue revolves around whether or not a state has a pre-emptive law, if not, any municipality anywhere can enact an anti-concealed carry ordinance resulting in a patchwork of laws and ordinances that are almost impossible to keep up with.

From a personal point of view, I ignore their signs. All they can do (in Michigan) is escort you out. This is a personal choice I make but your results may vary.
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