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Several weeks ago I was shooting my SR9 and the loaded chamber indicator semi detached from the slide and was flopping around. I called Ruger and they said send it back. I hate the LCI but being a retired cop I know how lawyers are and want my weapons as unadulterated as possible especially as far as safety equipment goes. So off it went. I received it back today and immediately walked out in the pasture to my shooting range and ran two mags through it. I immediately noticed the trigger was lighter, no creep, and reset more quickly. According to the repair slip the basically replaced the whole guts. Must have been updated parts but man does it shoot better. It's been a home defense gun and I use it frequently when teaching CWP classes, but it may replace my 1911 or M&P for carry. Ruger, you did a great job!
I'm guessing you had one of the very original SR9 units. They did a recall on some of the early SR9 pistols and after the SR9c was released, they started putting the same trigger in the SR9 and the older units when returned.
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