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You can use the excellent Ultradot 25. It works fine with any 1" rings. In fact, it comes with I" weaver style rings, but you can certainly use it in your Ruger rings, too. I use this same red dot on several guns, including my GP-100 and a Marlin 336. It is a bit pricey, yes, but it is guaranteed for life, though the odds of ever needing that guarantee are remote. Ultradots are one of the most used red dots on the bullseye target circuit and are about as recoil proof as a red dot can get.

I especially like Ultradots on rifles for the way they just jump right up in line with the target. They're actually faster than using iron sights to get on target and they definitely allow for more accurate shooting than irons. They're not affected by rain or snow like a scope and if you're hunting in dark timber, nothing beats a red dot for sight visibility.
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