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Reloading Presses.

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[8D] Hey guys what is your favorite press to load with[?][^][?]
I am new at loading myself about 7mos. I started out with a Dillon SDB and I really like it now. I was self taught and I made a bunch of mistakes. I sill got a lot to learn, but we are doing OK. I had a Lee Pro 1000 for awhile and it was OK but you had to keep a eye on that sucker at every station every time you pulled the handle. I am going to buy another SDB when I get some dough, and I'll have one for large primers, and one for small primers. All I do is pistols, and you can't beat the big Blue for that. Here's mind.
Drink the Blue Cool Aid...[^]:)[^]

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Looks like you got a great set-up. I have heard nothing but good things about Dillon stuff. I just have a couple of single stage presses. One is a very old CH Bear (C Press) and a Lee Challenger Press(O press) .
Most presses will do a good job. I use a Lee Turrent Press and one reason I like it is that you can change the turrent with the dies in it and don't have to re-adjust the dies. Just change turrents and you are ready to load a differenc caliber.
Very nice setup.
My friend owns a Dillon XL650 I think. We use it pretty much for reloading our 44Mag/Spl. for Cowboy Action Shooting and it works great. With both of us working at it, at the same time to keep things from running out/empty and Quality Control checking, I can't see how anybody could crank out the 800-1000 rounds an hour. I can't remember the best we did, but it was somewhere near the 800 rounds an hour. We tried changing the Machine Head, so we can leave the 44 dies attached to the original and have the others Machine Heads set-up for different rounds, but since it's been so long we are having trouble with set-up. I guess we need to break out the VHS tape and pause it every other second to stay with the directions.
Thinking of getting into reloading myself, but don't really have the time or can justify as much shooting as I do, the startup price.
I'm in the same boat as you DrJekyll. With all my other stuff I do, I don't know how I would have time.
Although, if I take up reloading I can shoot my favorite rifle more. It's a Shiloh Sharps .45-70.
If I was doing rifles I would have one single stage press for sure. I would have to weight every load of powder. I don't want any mistakes with the charge in my face.
You guys will make time, I'll bet the farm on that, if you give it a try.
I don't pay any attention to thoes claims of xxx hundred a hour. I load at my own pace. 100 to 150 maybe I am slow, but I am not having any troubles either. All my stuff goes bang anymore.
How come we don't see any girly pics on the wall in the background? Are you un-American?
The "girly" pictures are in the Dillon Press catalog laying there... towards the back... Oops, my bad! That's a sales receipt for "more" brass...[^]
Welcome to the forum ledberel. We're afraid if we get girlie pictures here, people won't see our Ruger gun pictures.
i have a lee C press i started out with, i still use it for rifle stuff and depriming everything.

i have a lyman tmag2 turrent i use for most everything else, the turrent having 6 stations allows keep 2 calibers setup always 45 acp and the other one gets switched out.

now i just need to buy another turrent head or 2.

and with a lee autodisk you can realy crank out the rounds.
Reloading sure has improved since the Lee Handloaders I first used that you used with a hammer. I'm not one of those that want to go back to the good old days.
I just started reloading myself. Have the Lee Anniversary kit, only reload revolver for now (357mag/32 H&R mag). The 32 H&R is the reason I started reloading, ammo selection is small and expensive.
Nice set-up. Is your bench alway's that clean? I started out with a RCBS Rock-Chucker & will be adding a 550 Dillon next week.
No Kansas that bench is rarely that clean as I got something going almost all the time. I got girly pictures all over the walls in here, as I got a wife and four daughters and all the grand babys.
Drink the Blue Cool Aid as my friend 2400 says....
My stuff is all old. I did a lot of reloading when I was younger. For one reason or another I got out of shooting and reloading for about 20 years. I just got back into shooting in February and I've started to get my reloading equipment out of moth balls. I have an old C&H H-Type 3 station, a Bair H-Type 3 station and an RCBS Rockchucker. When I was loading a lot, I used the C&H with the small primer setup for .32 H&R, .38 Spec and .357 Mag and the Bair with the large primer setup for .45 ACP, 41 Mag, .44 Mag and .45 Colt. The Rockchucker was for .270 Win, .243 Win and .22 Hornet.
here are mine a RCBS rockchucker and a dillon 550 just got the dillon from my dad he gave it to me :D

and yes he gave me all the dies he had to
I use the rockchucker for rifle and revolvers for acc loads and the dillon for pistol and revolver for pumping out the loads :D
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