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Yesterday I opened up a box of this and found 1 bullet seated too far into the casing. I know not to fire it due to pressure difference and what may happen if I use it. I reported it to Remington via email. Kinda scary...Reminder to all to check factory loaded ammo even they are not always perfect.

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Haven't posted this in a while. This is UMC from more than two years ago.

Bought two of their 250 round megapacks. Half the rounds were so loose you could move the bullets in and out with your finger.

The Blazer in the middle is normal OAL.

Remington had no response at the time, and I'm still waiting to hear from them. Looks like they haven't been concerned enough to improve quality control.

Don't do any Remington ammo anymore, simply too many other good options out there.

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