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I was looking at my new to me Ruger #1 V a few minutes ago and found some interesting things.

Removing the forearm I see where the some type of bedding material has been added to the front part of the forearm and there is also some bedding material that the hanger actually rests on, on the forearm. It's not a very smooth and clean looking job, but it looks like it serves the purpose.

There is also a piece that appears to be epoxied in place on the front part of the hanger. This piece is between the barrel and the hanger. I think the epoxy was put on in order to hold the small piece on top of the hanger in place. I can't really tell what is on top of the hanger since the epoxy covers it up. Again, it looks like it serves the purpose.

I looked at the trigger and it is definitely a 3 screw trigger. I can't tell by looking at it if it is a Moyers or a Ruger. There are no markings on the trigger that I can see. The trigger is smooth with a clean break. It breaks around 4lbs. To adjust the trigger to be lighter does the top screw get turned clockwise or counter clockwise?

I plan on shooting it as is and if any work needs be done on the forearm, I'll probably send it to someone to clean up whats there.

I would like to know which way the trigger adjustment screw needs to be turned.
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