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I have one particular Ruger 10/22 rifle, which has a strange way of getting on target.
This rifle when sighted in, (25 yards) always has an impact point of 3''s low and 1" right of my previous sight in, from a cold barrel. I will shoot the first two shots as I just said, then the following shots will track upward and left until I hit center of my aim point.
I checked the two allen screws attached to the barrel block holding the barrel in place, and they are tight.
The stock screw also is tight, so I'm puzzled why this impact point is so low in the beginning shots.
I have tried ammo from Eley, Lapua, RWS, the high grade ammo, as well as the Remington low end Target, and the CCI Standard Velocity and the same thing happens.
The CCI Standard Velocity, 1070 FPS groups as good as any of the higher end ammo I've tried. But it also has the low right impact as all the ammo I've tried, again from a cold barrel.
So If I am small game hunting, squirrels and rabbits, I cannot count on the first few rounds to be on target, because the barrel isn't "warmed up."
If anyone has had this issue also, and found out a way to correct this, please let me in on the secret.
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