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Oh god I hate to do this but I need money for school books (science courses are brutal.)

I'm selling my Archangel Nomad Stock, it has some wear and tear but is in good shape overall. There might be a few blemishes, and some minor sanding (behind the pistol grip there was a sharp plastic mold line which irritated my hand, some minor sanding fixed that.) This is going to be a package deal.
What's included-
*Archangel Nomad 1022 Stock (Including Factory Butt Stock/G36C Sights)
*The Top and side rails ($20 value.)
*A carry handle scope with a top pic. rail for a red dot. (Need to use factory butt stock with this. I paid $60 or so from blacksun tactical.)
*A short cut, aluminum reinforced rail that is primarily for a scope (with no rear sight/front sights to get in the way. (This came with the IDZ stock but lacked reinforcement until I modded it. It's a brick sh*t house now. I was inspired by the KAC G36 Rail but this was a much cheaper alternative.
*Command Arms Stubby Vertical Grip ($15 or so.)
*IDZ Stock - The Stock is fixed in place, sliding mechanism was made poorly (plastic broke.) but the rest is pretty durable. Also the cheek weld is adjustable which is nice for scopes and red dots.) The IDZ Rail/Stock set can go for $100 but I'm throwing this in as a bonus.
* 1x 25 round Magazine with sleeve.

What's not included
-Auto Bolt Release
-Extended Magazine Release
-Flash Hider
-Fake Can

I'm asking $105 +Shipping with the included optic, stock, rail, fore-grip, and quad rail mods. I'm hoping this will make a good bargain for anyone who wants a Nomad with some nice add-ons. If anyone is interested send me a PM, I'll have to work out shipping based on the buyers location I'm not sure of the over all weight/dimensions of this package yet. I just know it will be roughly 8-10lbs as far as shipping is concerned.
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