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Ruger 1022's

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Ruger 10/22 Target
Baracuda Thumb Hole Stock
Volquartzen Scope Mount
Volquartzen Guide Rod
Volquartzen Bolt Stop (Buffer)
Simmons .22 Mag scope.
Custom trigger job, @2.25 lbs.
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My 10/22 is just a plain-Jane one. I bought a heavy barrel and Hougue stock for it and kept it on there awhile, and it did improve accuracy some, but I like to squirrel hunt with mine and I missed the original configuration, so I changed it back and sold off the barrel and stock.
Mine is just a stock stainless carbine with a 6/18 scope. Mine has the laminated stock, which really looks nice.
looks good, mine is a mostly stock stainless with a gray laminate stock, put a 16" blued barrel on it for brush use, 4x tasco great for treerats.

trigger job of course that improved thing a ton.
OK Keith you have to stop posting pictures of that little beauty. If not you going to have to buy me a new key board. I droooool, and the sparks start flying. I can't help myself. Good Luck with her.
Im sure its ok if i post these pictures here it says Gun Gallery..

sorry.just figured out your thread was 10/ still learning how a forum works.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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