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Always a fan and was a close friend of the Ruger family in the 70's and 80's. I did some favors for them and Bill Sr offered to have any firearm I chose made for me. In Nov 1979 I selected the Number 1B in 300WM. It has the most magnificent stock and was fitted with a #3 trigger because they said it was better. I have photos of it during manufacture and it shows that the "RED" tag was on it throughout the process. When finished the 1B was hand carried from Newport NH to Southport CT then hand carried to my local gun store in NY for transfer to me. I have all documentation showing the hand delivery. The gun is still in pristine condition and still have the original box. Ser# 132-05XXX. Being that this gun has all the above providence is it more valuable than the run of the mill #1 ? Thanks
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