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Ruger .45 MAGs

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I've gotta ask what may be a dumb question, but...anybody know why Ruger won't make a .45 pistol that'll accept 1911 mags...or, are they perhaps gonna so do?

I've thought about a 345...but, those folks that I work with who carry .45's all have 1911's and there would be no borrin' a guys mag if it was necessary...

Anyhow...I've always been curious about this...and if anyone knows the scoop, bet it'll be someone on the Forum...
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Probably so they can sell more magazines! Same situation with the Mini 14 and the AR mags.
To be fair-neither do many other companies design magazines that will interchange with the competition---you can overcome that on duty by packaging 8 rounds in a ziploc bag-rubber banded in both directions-these can be thrown or handed to a buddy in need-and will not damage the magazine lips like throwing a full one might-even if he's lost his mag-with the 1911 he still has a single shot and ammo. I carried several paks and never needed one-better prepared than not, though.
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