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I was doing some cleaning on my RUGER 762 bolt. I carefully removed the extractor from the bolt using caution not to loose any small parts. Everything was fine. But upon reassembly, I glanced at a digram (see photo), and I see that there was a part (#78) listed as "small extractor spring" missing from what I had on the table in front of me. I dont know if mine ever had one of these. Yes, the larger spring is there but I never saw the smaller. What does anybody know about this?

I have fired 10 rnds of Federal 149 grain XM80c 7.62x51 out of the rifle. It went through just fine. Actually the first round was a "light strike" but the other 9 went out fine. I re-fired the first cartridge and it went just fine too.

Thank you, JBW


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