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This is an inletted gray laminate stock blank for a Ruger 96/44 .44 Winchester Magnum lever action rifle. It will need shaping and finishing.

My action fits in the stock great. It's snug and does not need any material removed. The barrel channel will need material removed on just the very muzzle tip when/if you cut it to length or shape it for the barrel band. This is done easily with a dowel and sandpaper or a Dremel tool.

I had them leave a cheek pad on the left side of the stock (for a right handed shooter) and a flat butt end so that a standard recoil pad can be installed (the Ruger plastic buttplate is terrible).

This will be very comfortable and look great when it's completed. I would like to see pictures when you've finished it. Custom stocks for these rifles are hard to find. Boyd's does not offer one.

Shipping will be 2-3 day Priority with Insurance. $195 shipped.


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