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ruger american ammo

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ok, so my gun lust is now steering me in the direction of a ruger american. based on posts here, and my own predilections i'm leaning toward 30-06, but does anyone out there have knowledge about relative ammo costs, given that they make the ruger american in 30-06, 270, 308, 243 and god knows what else?

oh, and anyone know if there's a wood stock version, or a wood stock that will work with it?
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On the wood stock, no and no. As for ammo costs, .308 will be cheapest if you just want to shoot it. .308 is also inherently more accurate than 30-06, and recoils less. If you want a flatter trajectory than a .308, go .270. If you plan to use it for only hunting, ammo costs are moot, since premium hunting ammo doesnt vary too much....
Also, the .308 ammo is probably more easily available and more likely be able to be used in other future rifles you may come across. But the 30-06 is a time honored, proven cartridge and still a good choice. You couldn't go wrong with either one in a hunting application.
All of the ammo you mentioned is too high. If you are going to shoot a lot and recoil really bothers you, then the .270 or .243 are your best bet with the .270 being the better "everything" round. I agree with the other posts in that I would pobably choose the .308, because it always seemed like the M1 Garand kicked harder than the M14. I was lucky enough to be in the military at just the right time to train with the three best personal military weapons and the worst one, too. Beginning in the fall of 1969, I qualified on the M1, the M14, the M60 and all are wonderful weapons. In June of 1970 I qualified on the M16 and carried it for seven years. It was just a piece of crap in my humble opinion.
All of the ammo you mentioned is too high. If you are going to shoot a lot and recoil really bothers you, then the .270 or .243 are your best bet
A will .270 definitely recoil harder than a .308.

My buddys' .270 shooting 130gr bullets recoils noticably harder than my .308 shooting 165gr bullets.
Honestly -- buying a slip on Pachmyr pad for the range is the best solution I have found to recoil for range shooting.

The American does have a noticiably less felt recoil than my other guns. I have the .308, .270, and 30-06.

I have 3 308's to compare the 308 to and its greatly reduced.

My 2 270's to compare the 270 to have noticiable difference and does feel more comfortable after a few rounds.

The 30-06 is reduced but in all honestly -- 30-06 is not a gun to use if recoil is an issue at all. Comparing my 30-06 to my others - there is a difference but it really is just not much after a few shots -- having your shoulder relocated with each shot is not so fun regardless if its a little less or not.

As far as ammo costs -- off the shelf you can buy .308 all day long inexpensively, there is still some 30-06 but its more scarce.

I would suggest that if you are planning on doing much shooting get into reloading. You can get into this for a reasonable cost - buy some stuff used. You can get a starter kit on sale for the cost of 10+ boxes of ammo.

I am just a reloader for my own fun -- I enjoy it and its pretty easy to spend an hour or so hand loading 50 rounds by hand and going out and shooting them.
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