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I posted earlier elsewhere about recently reading the book "Ruger & His Guns" by R. L. Wilson. Some here have read the book but likely most have not. One story from the book is worth recounting for those who don't have a copy.

Ruger started it's Armorers School back in 1973 and it's still going strong today. S.W.A.T. magazine did a story on the school back in November 1987 and an excerpt from the article is included in the book. In order to demonstrate the ability of Ruger's Service Six police revolver to soak up the abuse "...[f]actory representative Mike Moore:

...took one of the Service-Six .357 Magnum revolvers...and subjected it to tremendous abuse. Mike began by firing six rounds of Federal Magnum ammo, then throwing the gun the length of the range. He walked to the end of the range, picked the gun up, and threw it against a concrete block wall. Then, instead of carrying it back, he threw it again.

The range walkways are asphalt with desert gravel and sand in between. Sometimes the gun landed on the asphalt, sometimes in the sand. Each time the gun got back to the center of the range, he'd check it for function by cycling the trigger six times, then load six more rounds of magnum ammo and fire it....Everybody present was given the opportunity to abuse it. After each toss, the cylinder still rolled free and the action actually got smoother the more we fired it....I do not believe any other double-action revolver will take this sort of punishment and continue to function....

After many trips across the asphalt, the cylinder was gouged, the muzzle crown had a bad case of road rash and the front sight was so disfigured that it wasn't much use when shooting. But, the only thing that broke was the grips. The screw ... eventually gave out. Mike taped them back on and kept on firing.

As a final test, we brought a truck onto the range, put the Ruger in front of the tire, and peeled out over it - twice. The gun was tossed about thirty feet and had a layer of burnt rubber on it, but it kept functioning, perfectly. I then fired fifty rounds of Federal .357 Magnum ammunition through it without a hitch.... Abusing your revolver like this will void the warranty, but now I understand why Ruger has no 'authorized service centers.' Civilian guns in need of repair must be returned to the factory. With more than a million and a half Security-Six type revolvers in circulation, the factory double-action service department is one man in a small office!"

Ruger makes a pretty tough gun. This story "from back in the day" kinda stuck in my head so I thought I would pass it along.

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