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I have always admired the design of the mini 14 but was hesitant because of the accuracy issue. I do have a friend who has a reasonably accurate mini, but if you get one it is (was?) a crapshoot. I don’t ever recall hearing about reliability issues.

With the heavier barrel it sounds like the accuracy issue may be resolved, and that makes a whole new ball game!

From a personal perspective, I was entertaining the idea of getting an AR15, but I have always liked the M14 better, but really didn’t want to spring for the asking price of a M14. The next thing: do I really want another .22 caliber?

Dang right I do!

Ya know, if you can get some nice accuracy out of one of these, they just might make a nice varmint rifle. I have friends that are using their ARs right now for prairie dogs and love em. This just might work as well.

I'm almost getting excited over this!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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